Gödel and Trump

I was struck some years ago when I read John Dawson’s biography of the towering logician Kurt Gödel, Logical Dilemmas, of the story of his ‘proof’ that the US could be turned ‘legally’ from a democracy into a dictatorship, and the anxiety of his friends Oskar Morgenstern and Albert Einstein that his eagerness to tell others … More Gödel and Trump

Trump’s Travel Ban: Dangerous Inflection Point

In the months before Donald Trump’s despicable executive order at least temporarily banning entrants to the United States from select majority Muslim countries and similarly placing a stop on all refugee admissions, among other measures, was promulgated, many commentators have attempted to find the words to capture the smallness of mind and of moral vision of the new … More Trump’s Travel Ban: Dangerous Inflection Point

‘Social Science’: Trumpism’s Collateral Damage

The shocking event that is the rise of trumpism has been by now analyzed widely. Most focus on the appeal of Donald Trump to those in the United States who for one another reason or another feel left behind, wish to retrieve an earlier, lost, social order, and rebuke establishment politicians who they feel do … More ‘Social Science’: Trumpism’s Collateral Damage